Shiney new IT toys

All that glitters is not gold…sometimes it is simply a distraction. Sometimes, and I have been guilty of this, we let the desire to implement technology get in the way of meeting business needs. It can be very tempting, after evaluating an amazing new technology, to then begin looking for excuses opportunities to use it. Sometimes you find that true win-win scenario where that technology is the exact fit, and sometime you end up making it fit in the hopes that it will show increased value in the future.

Fred Nix hit this point very well with his post on 1/4 inch drill bits. Sometimes we simply need to step back and evaluate why we are looking at a new technology. If you are impressed with a presentation or excited after evaluating a new technology, then make note of that and add it to your toolbox of solutions. Then, when the right opportunity presents itself, reach into your toolbox and pull out the right solution for the problem in front of you.

Read more about this in my article “New IT Trends: Are they right for you?“, then come back here to leave any comments. As always, your thoughts and feedback are encouraged.

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