Blades rule! But don’t ignore the value of rack mount servers.

I have always liked blade servers, since I first began deploying blades on HP platforms. Then, when I was introduced to Cisco UCS blades, I saw that the data center world was being reinvented. In fact, when I left the corporate world for consulting, being able to work with UCS was one of my requirements. Not to knock other blade platforms, I just saw something truly innovative in UCS and wanted to be associated with that kind of technology.

Now, some years later, I have come across a new innovation that is causing me to look back at rack mount servers…while I wait for blade manufacturers to adjust to this new trend. The trend is one of grouping local storage together into a centralized and highly available storage pool. There are many options to achieve this, and I discuss this further in my recent TechTarget article “Cutting the other direction: Why blade servers are losing their appeal“.

To be clear, I am not turning my back to blade servers. Blades are still my preferred platform. However, I see this new storage trend as one that can take off, and blades will need to hold more than two hard drives to play in that world.

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