Evolution of the Virtual Appliance

Back in 2007, I was fortunate enough to beta test one of the early virtual appliances, BEA Systems’ WebLogic Server Virtual Edition, and speak about it at both the BEAWorld and VMworld conferences. Unfortunately, the marketplace did not embrace the cutting-edge technology of virtual appliances three years ago. Since then, however, the virtual appliance marketplace has become more mature.

In my latest article for searchservervirtualization.techtarget.com, I take a look back at the pioneering work by leaders like Guy Churchward (led development of BEA’s WebLogic Server Virtual edition), and today’s innovators like John Gannon (with VMTurbo, distributing their products as virtual appliances). This is a technology who’s time has come, and will only gain a more broad acceptance as technologies like vApp from VMware continue to reshape the application delivery landscape.

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What impact will virtual appliances have on how the operating system is traditionally viewed? Be looking for my next article that will take a look at this topic.

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