VMWorld 2010 – Please Vote

Public voting for VMWorld 2010 will be live through May 26, so please make sure you stop by, review the submissions and vote for the ones that you would like to see. This year, VMware received a record number of submissions, and will be using a model of fewer high quality sessions with more repeat opportunities to attend. With more people competing for fewer slots, your opinion is even more important. To vote, go to:


As a shameless plug, here is a rundown of the sessions that I am involved in. I have presented at the last 3 VMWorld conferences, and am very passionate about the topics I have submitted this year (due to a flaw that only shows one presenter per session, my name will not appear as presenter on some of these tracks on the voting site).


Tech & Architecture – PC8279 From Guessing to Knowing: An Effective Architecture

This is a great session that I have worked on with Michael Mannarino from VMware’s Professional Services Organization. We will walk you through a sound approach to designing an environment where decisions are based on defensible data and where every business requirement is mapped to a design element. As organizations prepare to expand virtualization further into their environment, or even to develop cloud computing strategies, they not only need to be able to solidify their requirements and practices, but they must know how to measure and enforce compliance. By breaking available resources (memory, cpu, storage, etc) into units of allocation, this approach assists organizations in better understanding how business requirements impact the ratio of raw capacity to usable capacity.

  • Mark Vaughn
  • Michael Mannarino


Tech & Architecture – TA8351 Linux P2V Hurdles and How To Overcome Them

This session breaks down the tools available for Linux P2V migrations, and the caveats to each one. In the Linux world, there are a number of “gotchas” in the P2V process, and many failures are actually near misses that can be quickly repaired in a few easy steps. I have 14 years of Unix/Linux experience and over 4 years of experience with Linux on VMware.

  • Mark Vaughn


First American Virtualizes WebLogic Server in Production – Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Between Troy and myself, we have over 24 years of java experience, with a large portion of that on the WebLogic Server. In addition to being a VCP3 and VCP4, I am also a WebLogic Certified Administrator. Troy is both an administrator and developer with a very deep knowledge of java from any angle. In this session, we evaluate an environment that has run on WebLogic Server for over 10 years, with more than 3 years of that being on VMware.

  • Mark Vaughn
  • Troy Washburn


Tech & Architecture – TA7363 Ask the vExperts

The Traditional panel of leading Virtualisation experts who will be quizzed and squeezed for their knowledge. There will be 4 to 5 panellists and a moderator to lead the session and questions will be asked from the floor. The format will be free flowing and and virtualization topic will be covered. As per the successful panel as VMworld 2009, requests for questions will be issues prior to the conference to enable fillers during quiet times. Not all personal will be at both conferences

  • Tom Howarth (submitter)
  • Chad Sakac
  • Scott Lowe
  • Cody Bunch
  • Jason McCarty
  • Ken Cline
  • Mark Vaughn


Virtualization 101 – V18354 Virtualization Advice From vExperts

A panel of industry experts will discuss virtualization technologies, cloud computing, business strategies, architectural design considerations and overall best practices related to virtualization. Discussion topics will include: the business case for virtualization, virtualization technologies and their strengths/weaknesses, design challenges in a virtualized environment, and horizontal vs vertical design of a virtualization platform. This session will also include opportunities for quesitons from the public.

  • Mark Vaughn
  • Simon Gallagher
  • Joachim Heppner
  • David Convery

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