Don’t call it a comeback

Since moving to INX, I have been drinking from a fire hydrant. Working in a large enterprise organization, we focused on a few primary vendors and operating in many silos. Now, I represent a wide range of vendors and have a pretty big toolbox I can work with. I have been in vendor training, working on certifications and trying to learn the INX ropes. I am finally beginning to feel like I am catching up and contributing at a decent level. In the meantime, the only posts I have made are in reference to my TechTarget articles for SearchServerVirtualization. That will be changing, and I will be putting up more blog posts.

Much has been going on, and I have some posts in the cue that I hope to publish in the next few days. One, in particular, has me very excited. Don’t give up on me, and please check back for more posts this coming week.

Did I mention that I am loving it at INX? Great people, great partners and great customers. I am waking up every day excited about going to work!

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