Server To Go

Desktop hypervisors, such as VMware Workstation and Parallels Desktop, open up a world of management and troubleshooting possibilities for server virtualization admins.

Whether you are new to server virtualization or a seasoned veteran, there is a very good chance that your first hands-on experience with the technology was in the form of a desktop tool such as VMware WorkstationVMware FusionParallels or even Windows Virtual PC. You probably installed it as a chance to kick the virtual tires or maybe to aid in a major operating system change.

Regardless of the reason, for many, the virtualization journey began with a desktop hypervisor. In fact, I don’t think we give enough credit to just how great of a role these desktop tools play in the world of server virtualization.

Desktop hypervisors may provide more value than you realize, and no IT admin has a good excuse to not be running one. For more on this topic, check out my TechTarget article ““Why virtualization admins and desktop hypervisors should be BFFs“, then come back here and leave any comments that you may have.

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